Our goal is simple

Our goal is to enable you to help more with less.

A subscription with sasa Collective gets you an environmentally responsible toothbrush delivered to your door on a regular basis.
That means you’ll never forget to replace your old brush again, and you’ll be living more sustainably with less effort.

How it Works

Step 1

Choose a Subscription Frequency
- 2 Month: 2 brushes every 2 months
- 4 Month: 2 brushes every 4 months
- 6 Month: 2 brushes every 6 months
- Yearly: 12 brushes a year

All subscriptions are 100% commitment free and can be cancelled at any time.

Step 2

Receive your sasa Brush
All deliveries are made through the
Australia Post Network and are 100% free.

You will receive 2 brushes per delivery
to help minimise the use of packaging
and transportation.

Step 3

Replace your old brush
You will receive a package of fresh brushes on
the third week of the month, depending
on your chosen frequency.

Once received, recycle the packaging
and dispose of your old brush
in your green waste bin.

To order multiple brushes: Simply repeat the above steps until you have as many brushes as you require in your checkout.

Our Commitment

Our sole commitment is to reducing harmful waste in our day to day lives.

This means you’ll receive two brushes with each delivery, eliminating the use of excess envelopes, packaging and transportation.

As a result, we limit our deliveries to every second month, meaning you’ll receive two brushes with each delivery, eliminating the use of excess packaging and transportation.


sasa Brush is a 100% biodegradable toothbrush, made from mao bamboo (not the bamboo pandas eat!). A monthly subscription from us means you can help make a difference with minimal effort.

sasa Brush takes pride in being:

  • 100% biodegradable and vegan friendly
  • Available in both adult and kids size
  • Sexier than your last brush
  • The best change you’ll make this year

Our Instagram is a collection of inspiring images of our beautiful planet and beautiful sasa People that reminds us all of why we are making the switch. Take a snap of you and your sasa Brush and use #sasaPeople to get featured on our page.

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